Five Ways to Speed up Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

Five Ways to Speed up Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

So removed your wisdom teeth and looking for some tips to speed up the recovery process? Well, the best way to recover from wisdom teeth removal extraction is to follow your dentists’ instructions strictly. Failing to do so can result in a painful recovery, including a dry socket.

If you have just undergone wisdom teeth removal, you may feel a bit discomfort right now. But, don’t worry, with plenty of rest and relaxation; you will be back on track. Do not avoid the procedure due to wisdom teeth removal cost Indianapolis because it may lead to several dental issues including pain, tooth decay, crowding, and oral cancer.

Manage Swelling:

Inflammation can happen when your body increases fluid and white blood cells to an injured area. Swelling accompanies inflammation. So don’t panic if your cheeks and surgical site are swelled, it is quite normal.

To reduce swelling, apply an ice pack in 20 minutes interval, and then remove it for the same amount of time. Wrap the ice pack in a protective cloth to protect the sensitive tissues.

Stop the Bleeding:

The Wisdom teeth removal cost Indianapolis is affordable, and there will be bleeding following your wisdom teeth removal. Your dentist will instruct you to hold clean gauze on the surgical site for thirty minutes after your procedure. If you are bleeding more, bite the gauze firmly for another half an hour before taking it off again. Make sure you replace it with fresh gauze.

Take Rest:

A blood clot is essential after the wisdom teeth removal. So make sure you don’t do any strenuous activity and other things that dislodge the clot. If the clot is dislodged then you may get a dry socket. Though it occurs rarely, it is advisable to prevent from getting dry socket.

Stick to Soft Diet:

Following after the surgery, stick to soft liquid diets like juices and soups. Do not use a straw; the sucking motion can dislodge the blood clot. Also, avoid hot and cold drinks.

Good nutrition is essential than ever as you begin the healing process, but also make sure you don’t put your healing wound in harm’s way when eating and drinking. Prepare ahead and stock your fridge with plenty of nutritious soft foods. You can go for scrambled eggs, veg purees, and white fish.

Monitor Your Symptoms:

As you embark on the healing process, you should get better day by day. Some may get a mild fever and some may not. If the fever is not reduced or bleeding does not subside or continue to swell, or experiencing a throbbing pain several days after the surgery, visit your oral surgeon in Indianapolis or dentist as early as possible. Don’t forget to take the antibiotics and other medicines prescribed by your dentist.

Do not worry about the cost of wisdom teeth removal Indianapolis. To get affordable wisdom teeth removal Indianapolis, you can choose payment plans and can claim the insurance.

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