Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

The Cost of Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed in Indianapolis

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One of the most common inquiries about wisdom teeth circles the topic of the cost of wisdom teeth removal. The cost of your wisdom teeth removal will depend on the stage of development of your teeth, the type of anesthesia used, and your insurance coverage, among other factors. The only way to be sure of the cost of treatment is to have a consultation and examination with an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon, such as Dr. Lawrence Falender.

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How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

Every patient’s situation is different, which is why we have a consultation with you prior to the surgery. This allows us to present any possible costs upfront, and help you decipher your insurance benefits.

Factors That Affect Wisdom Teeth Cost:

  • Anesthesia Used
  • Dental Imaging
  • Number of Teeth Extracted
  • Level of Impaction

Cost Of Wisdom Teeth Removal – Extraction

As of 2018, our cost range from $250 to $650 per tooth for surgical wisdom teeth removal. This includes the cost of local anesthesia and follows visits. On average, the patient can expect to spend about $1,600 for four wisdom teeth removal. The cost depends on the nature of the surgical extraction. Intravenous (IV) sedation is available with any single tooth and multiple teeth removal.

Many dental insurance companies cover part or all of the cost of wisdom teeth removal. If you are without insurance (no insurance) we have payment plans available that should work within your budget.

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that erupt in the back corners of the upper and lower normal adult mouth. Unfortunately, most people experience problems from wisdom teeth; in most cases, this is because the teeth erupt too close to existing permanent teeth, causing crowding, improper bites, and other problems.

Dr. Falender Removed Daniel’s Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Cheryl and her family were all at ease when Dr. Falender removed their wisdom teeth.


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Rachel's Impacted Tooth

Rachel recommends Dr. Falender after her impacted tooth exposure procedure.


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Wisdom Teeth Removal at Indianapolis Oral Surgery

Financing The Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

We offer a variety of options to our patients and their families to ensure that they get the care that they need. A quick phone call to our office will help you understand the financing options available to you.

Wisdom Teeth Payment Plans and Financing.

Should the cost of removing wisdom teeth prove prohibitive for an individual, there are options to consider that can wisdom teeth removal within reach.  With this type of dental financing plan, patients can break up wisdom teeth removal total cost into a series of affordable monthly payments.

Does Insurance Cover Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Many dental insurance policies include a benefit for wisdom teeth removal. Our staff will help you navigate your insurance benefits so that you can obtain the maximum benefit from your provider.

Wisdom Teeth Removal with Insurance

Dental insurance may cover between 25% and 50% of a wisdom tooth removal. Some dental plans cap what they’ll pay annually for all dental care at $1,000 to $1,500. Coverage varies by the insurer and policy, so please call our office and check your insurance third molars (wisdom teeth) extraction.

In general dental PPO insurances, may offer a higher level of coverage for oral surgery including wisdom teeth removal. With DeltaCare® USA, you and your family members must select and visit a DeltaCare USA primary care dentist in order to receive benefits.

Under most dental PPO and Premier plans, the plan covers a certain percentage of the cost, but the actual amount you owe depends on the dentist’s fees.

For example, your costs may be lower when you visit a dentist who takes PPOs. Some plans cover a certain dollar amount for each wisdom teeth removal procedure using a table of allowance. You pay the difference between the allowance and your dentist’s fee. Prepaid plans have set copayments for each service, so you can calculate in advance how much you’ll owe the dentist.

Wisdom teeth removal can be very expensive, especially if you don’t have access to insurance. When your budget is limited, an insurance plan with relatively low premiums may your best option. However, this usually means higher deductibles up to about $100. It’s important to know whether your coverage plan is just for preventive dental care like teeth cleaning, but what if you need major procedures like oral surgery.

The Cost of Not Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

While the cost of wisdom teeth removal may seem prohibitive, the price of not having them removed may cost more money (and pain) down the road, as extractions get more and more complicated with age.

If you come to our office for treatment, our office staff will gladly provide you with an estimate for the cost of your procedure. We work hard to offer our patients a variety of payment options to suit your individual payment needs and ensure that you receive the treatment that you desire. Many oral surgery procedures are covered under medical or dental insurance policies. Our practice works with a variety of medical and dental plans, and we are happy to work with you and your insurance carrier to determine if your wisdom teeth removal procedure is covered. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about wisdom teeth extractions at our practice.

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