Dr. Falender Extracted Lily’s Wisdom Teeth


I got my wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Falender. I was recommended by a family friend to him, and he’s also one of our family friends. My experience was really, really good. I was very nervous – I really don’t like to go under anesthesia – but Dr. Falender and Jen really made me feel comfortable, even gave me some oxygen just so I could calm down, and it was an overall great experience. The recovery was fine; I was on the couch for about a week, but other than that, everything went perfectly. I didn’t have any problems. Yes, I would recommend him to all of my friends. I’ve actually told a couple people already about him who have wanted to get their wisdom teeth out also. I had some friends in Westfield, Noblesfield, and Bloomington – I’ve already told them that he’s the best, and they should go to him.

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