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Need to have your wisdom teeth extracted? Whether you are experiencing intense or minor pain, we want to help you optimize your oral health. Do not wait until you’re experiencing serious pain, have an infection, or an impacted tooth to have your wisdom teeth extracted. At Indianapolis Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center by Dr. Falender, our dentist offer a variety of treatments designed to help restore and heal oral health issues. From wisdom teeth removal and bone grafting to oral pathology, you can count on us for unmatched dental care. We are focused on delivering a superior level of patient care and will always put your comfort first.

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What are Immediate Dentures?

Extraction Procedures Focused On Your Oral Health

  • immediate denturesImmediate denture are type of treatment where artificial denture prosthesis is made before removal of the teeth and delivered immediately after removal of the teeth. This approach allows immediate restoration of your smile and oral functions.
  • There are several different types of immediate dentures. Complete (also called full) immediate denture replaces all teeth in one jaw and partial immediate denture replaces several but not all teeth in one jaw. When immediate denture is made for the top jaw it it called an upper or maxillary immediate denture. When it is made for the bottom jaw, it is called a lower or mandibular immediate denture.
  • Immediate complete denture can be a part of denture treatment where final prosthesis for the replacement of the teeth is a removable complete denture.
  • Immediate complete denture can also be a part of the implant treatment. In that case immediate denture treatment is carried out in the initial stages of treatment.

Ron Had the General Extraction Procedure

I came to Dr. Falender to have a tooth extracted, and we're exploring having an implant put in.


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Miriam’s Kids Had the General Extraction Procedure

I came to see Dr. Falender because I wanted him to work on my children.


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Michaela Had the General Extraction Procedure

I came to see Dr. Falender to get my teeth pulled because I was going to get my braces on, and they didn't want crowding.


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Why Patients Choose our Office for Full Mouth Extractions and Dentures

There are several reasons why we attract patients all over Indiana to perform this procedure. The reasons include:

One Team, One Cost.

Our office will coordinate your entire treatment from surgery to achieving your new smile!  We can work with your dentist or we have a team of denture dentists available!

IV Sedation.

Let’s face it – getting twenty or more teeth surgically removed from your mouth in one visit is not something anyone looks forward to. That’s why we offer IV sedation in our office. Dr. Falender is one of only an elite few oral surgeon in all of Indianapolis certified to do IV sedation – so you enter the twilight for your full mouth extractions.


Dr. Falender does these cases all the time so he is well equipped to handle the surgery and all the aspects of fabricating and delivering the denture in one day.

How the Process of Full Mouth Extractions and Immediate Dentures Work

Having done this process hundreds of times, we can say that each and every case is unique. But here is a general guide:

You come to our office for an exam. Dr. Falender reviews your medical history and then examines your entire mouth. Next, he listens. He listens to what YOU want to achieve. Based on this, he will frequently develop a couple of different options, which may involve the recommendation of full mouth extraction and immediate denture(s).

Next, we reach an agreement on what the treatment is going to be. Because you are doing treatment in only one office, we don’t have to wait to hear back from an oral surgeon. We give you one fee.

You come in for us to do impressions (frequently called molds) in order for us to make your dentures. And for those patients desiring sedation, we review the sedation protocol and get you ready for the big day.

On the big day, you only go to one office: ours! Regardless of whether you are being sedated, we remove all the remaining teeth without you feeling any pain. We then place the denture.

Dr. Falender or one of his assistants personally calls you that night to review everything. From there, there are usually a couple of post-operative visits done to adjust the denture and monitor the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Indianapolis Oral Surgeon Dr. Falender Answering Common Immediate Dentures Questions.

The short answer is no. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for an immediate denture. Some people may be advised against this treatment, due to general health conditions, or because of specific oral problems.
An immediate denture is a complete denture or partial denture inserted on the same day, immediately following the removal of remaining natural teeth.
Immediate dentures are made from specially designed dental polymers (plastics). The gum portion of the denture is called denture base and is colored so it looks like gum tissues. The artificial teeth come in several different colors. The reline materials are always used with immediate denture treatment and also mad from specially designed dental polymers. Majority of patients tolerate these materials very well, however on some very rare occasions patient may develop an allergy to dental plastics.
Immediate dentures typically present with moderate to high cost of treatment. The overall cost of treatment typically includes immediate denture prosthesis, tooth extractions and additional surgery if needed, denture adjustments and relines. Some of the patients may also require a separate new denture at the completion of the treatment.
Immediate dentures are a challenging treatment and requires a qualified and experienced team. In addition to general dentists and denturists who may perform this type of treatment, the list of most qualified specialists includes prosthodontists and oral surgeons. Prosthdontists are dental specialists with the expertise in tooth restoration and replacement and oral surgeons specialize in dental surgery.


A patient can go from literally having no teeth ( or a few remaining bad teeth) to having a full set of teeth before leaving the Dentist office

The most important being that you will never need to appear in public without teeth. It is easier to duplicate the shape, color and arrangement of your natural teeth while some are still present in your mouth. When an immediate denture is inserted at the time of extraction, it will act as a Band-Aid to protect the tissues and reduce bleeding. An immediate denture will also allow you to establish your speech patterns early. An immediate denture will also allow you to chew better than without any teeth and minimize facial distortion that may occur when teeth are removed.


A few disadvantages of the immediate denture include cost among other things.

An immediate denture is initially more expensive than a conventional denture because additional time is needed for construction. A surgical stent is often necessary and more follow-up visits are needed for adjustments and re-fitting. Another disadvantage is that you cannot always see how the denture will look before the teeth are extracted and the immediate denture is inserted. Also, initially, an immediate denture does not always fit as accurately as a conventional denture, which is made after the tissues have healed for six to eight weeks following extractions.

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