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Lawrence G. Falender, DDS

Board-Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Falender is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He has practiced oral and maxillofacial surgery, implant surgery, and laser surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana, since 1987. Dr. Falender is a graduate of Indiana University and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Indiana University School of Dentistry. Dr. Falender is Indianapolis Premier Oral Surgeon & Dental Implants Specialist.

He is an associate professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Indiana University School of Dentistry. Dr. Falender enjoys traveling, sports, music, and spending time with his family.



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Why Choose Dr. Falender For Wisdom Teeth Removal In Indianapolis?

Don’t Suffer Any Longer with Wisdom Teeth Pain

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The special care you will experience at Indianapolis Oral Surgery & Dental Center will calm your fears, relieve anxiety, and create a peaceful environment that you have never experienced at other dental or oral surgical practices.

Wisdom Teeth Surgeon

Dr. Falender is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He has practiced oral and maxillofacial surgery, implant surgery, and laser surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana, since 1987. He is also a seven-time winner for Indianapolis Monthly’s Top Dentist Profiles award.

Uncompromising Safety

Our well equipped surgical facility and team of specialists provide you with the care and safety so that you can relax and with confidence know that you are in great hands for your wisdom teeth extractions.

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You can feel at ease and relax in our state-of-the-art dental facility. We want to ensure excellence and quality care while having your wisdom teeth extracted.


We offer the most proven and precise treatment in the profession with the talent, experience, and state-of-the-art technology.

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It is our goal to deliver the finest, state-of-the-art, oral surgical care that we can every day to every patient. Specifics of your care will be discussed with you in detail after your initial examination.

What Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth removal is a procedure in which we extract one or more wisdom teeth. This treatment is both very common and can be very important to your overall oral health. Failure to remove wisdom teeth can lead to some very serious complications including:

Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually appear between the ages of 16 and 25 at the back of the mouth.

Wisdom teeth can grow unnoticed until they start to cause issues in the mouth.

They are commonly extracted when they affect other teeth – this is known as “impacted wisdom teeth”.

Wisdom teeth are extracted either because they have already become impacted or because they are potentially problematic.

The extraction of wisdom teeth can be a troublesome procedure.

For more complicated procedures we will recommend an oral surgeon.

If you are experiencing pain from a wisdom tooth, contact us to schedule a free consultation.


What Are The Benefits Of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Prevents possible wisdom teeth infection and teeth crowding

Eliminates any wisdom teeth pain or swelling caused by a wisdom tooth

Restores your comfort

Helps maintain the appearance of your stunning smile

Wisdom Teeth Surgery Removes Wisdom Tooth Infection

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